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In 2009 a major restoration project began in the cathedral to restore it back to it’s former glory. One of the many stipulations in the installation requirements was that the loudspeakers had to be as obscure as possible yet remain functional and clearly audible thought out the building, to achieve this we used Martin Audio AQ 5 loudspeakers which were stripped and painted to the exact colour of the sandstone and mounted on the main support pillars in the building. There are additional loudspeakers in the Chancel area to enable clergy and choir members to hear services and also two additional loudspeakers in the balcony area. The sound system can be controlled from two positions in the cathedral this is to facilitate easy use of the system for day to day services and also allow the cathedral to be used for more challenging events were a larger sound desk is required, the system is controlled using a DBX Driverack which provides system compression and protection, equalization and delay were required, Amplification for the system is provided by Crown XLS series amplifiers. While the restoration scheme was ongoing we were approached about the feasibility of hanging a projector screen in the cathedral, this proved challenging as the roof height in the building is some 14 meters, this problem was solved by using screen international’s screen winch system, this enables a projector screen housing to be winched down to a maximum of 9 meters with the screen deploying out when the winch has reached it’s set level the result is truly stunning, giving the illusion of a screen suspended in mid air due to the very thin steel ropes used to hold the screen housing in place. As the architecture of the cathedral is so open the location of the projector proved another major challenge, it was agreed the projector should be hidden in the original organ housing at the back of the cathedral some 33 meters away from the projection screen. This required an exceptionally powerful projector and lens and after much deliberation we settled on the Hitachi CP-X10000 with a UL-806 ultra long throw lens. A  camera system has also been installed in the cathedral with cameras installed in the organ loft to enable the organ console and pedals to be shown on the projector screen during organ recitals and other events. The control system is based around the Kramer VP-728xl presentation switcher and allows multiple inputs into the system from computers, DVD players and cameras all of which can be shown on the main projection screen

St Columbs Cathedral is the mother church of the diocese of Derry and Raphoe and is the oldest building in the city of Londonderry built in 1633.

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