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The Depot, Limavady is one of the North West's newest venue's. The building is broken up into four distinct areas, the downstairs (Lower Deck), upstairs (Upper Deck), VIP area and smoking area each requiring a bespoke sound and lighting solution to compliment the interior design of the building. On the ground floor (Lower Deck) lighting system we opted for colour changing LED bars which give a bright and constantly changing effect around the walls and roof of the building, also installed are water effect lighting, Acme revolver moving heads and a two colour laser. The sound on the lower deck had to be capable of playing loud for long periods of time yet remain discreet due to the low ceilings, for this we used DAS DR 108 loudspeakers mounted discreetly in corners and two EAW FR250z sub woofers which were discreetly encased under tables and shelves. On the upstairs (Upper Deck) the system was on a much larger scale with a full lighting system installed on truss beams in the roof. The lighting system includes multiple Acme Revolver moving heads, multiple ADJ Revo sweeps, multiple ADJ par cans among other lighting effects. There are four Martin MAC 250 moving head lights providing effects right across the interior of the building. Internal windows are backlit using ADJ Mega Bars which change colour either manually or to the beat of the music. The system also incorporates over 20 meters of LED strip lighting, providing a colour wash over the bars and DJ box. Two Pegesus Equinox III lasers are used to give fantastic lighting effects across the building and are especially effective when used in conjunction with the installed fog machine. An ADJ Nucleus Pro is installed centrally and provides a vast array of lighting effects in the building. UV Lighting is also used extensively through out the upper deck. Sound on the Upper Deck is provided by an EAW FR series loudspeaker system. There are four EAW FR129z speakers installed in the corners of the building with two EAW FR250z subs, the system is amplified using Crest and Yamaha amplifiers. The installed system control desk is a Pioneer DJM 800 along with two Pioneer CDJ 1000 CD players. The VIP area uses LED strip to up-light the walls and give a warm colour changing glow over the entire area. Sound in the VIP is provided by an EV, EVID sound system. In the Smoking area two Showtec effects light are used to provide ambient effect with sound being provided by one EV SX 200 loudspeaker.

Finally separate volume control is achieved in all areas using a Cloud Z4 distributed music system with remote volume controls accessible to staff allowing them to control overall volume in individual areas, should the need arise, sound in the entire complex can be linked together allowing a single input to play over the whole building.

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