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The installation in 1st Garvagh Presbyterian Church combines all the elements of Sound, Audio Visual and Camera systems. The church sound system was in major need of upgrade as the existing system had been in place since the church opened in the 70's, we were commissioned by the church committee to design and install a discreet yet powerful solution capable of handling the delicate balance of worship music and speech, for this we used Meyer Sounds UPJ-1P self powered loudspeaker. The speakers are mounted at roof level and provide a full range of frequencies 180° around the building. The sound system is controlled by a 32 channel Soundcraft LX7 II mixing desk with system Equalisation provided by a BSS Opal Graphic EQ. Other elements in the system include Sennheiser Evolution series radio microphones and Sennheiser Gooseneck and Choir fixed microphones. The Audio Visual aspect of this installation includes 1 Hitachi CP-X705 fited with an ultra long throw lens as the main projector in the system with two additional Hitachi CP-X605 projectors to acccomadate the extrime right and left wings of the church, the system is controlled by a single Kramer VP-725DS video switcher enabling multiple inputs to the system from Cameras, Laptops, DVD players and other source equipment, to accomade the minister and choir an single 50" screen is located at the back of the church to display notes and words. The installation includes two high quality ENEO Fast Trac speedome cameras these cameras enable the services to be recorded on DVD and distruted to congeration members who are are unable to attend services. additionaly the cameras can be shown on the screens around the church giving them additional uses during special services.

Equipment installed includes:  

Meyersound UPJ-1P Loudspeakers

Multiple Sennheiser Gooseneck and Choir microphones

Multiple Hitachi projectors

Electric drop down screen

Eneo fasttrac speed dome cameras

50" plasma display

Kramer audio visual distribution and switching

Data Video professional DVD recorder

10 Bay DVD duplicator

Soundcraft 32 channel mixing desk

BSS Graphic EQ

Tascam CD Recorder

Proel Multi-Core system

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