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Mullaglass Church Of Ireland required an audio solution capable of reproducing the the full audio range of the Hymn Technology HT-300 music accompneyment system, for this we used AD Systems iFlex range of loudspeakers, the system also had to be capable of balancing the tonal qualitys of music reproduction with the more delicate reproduction of speech.  We achieved this using AD Systems iFlex 10 loudspeakers and iFlex 15 subwoofers which provide a full range sound to the main body of the church with AD Systems iFlex 8's providing sound to the balcony. The System is powered by Crown's XLS series amplifiers and system control is provided by a DBX Driverack, multiple AKG CGN series microphones are used right accross the chancel area of the building.   

Equipment Installed:

AD Systems iFlex 10 Loudspeakers

AD Systems iFlex 15 Subwoofer

AD Systems iFlex 8 Loudspeakers

Crown XLS series amplifiers

DBX Driverack Soundcraft EPM Series Mixing Desk

AKG CGN Series Microphones

AKG WMS 450 Radio Microphones

Hymn Technology HT-300

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